A subset of TzScan endpoints commonly used by bakers and services

Base url


We are targeting v3 but there are also several methods implemented for v2


Mystique does not support pagination at the moment, it returns up to 5000 records per request instead. If there will be a need, pagination will be implemented.

Implemented endpoints

We have implemented a minimum necessary subset for rewards calculation and popular payment scripts operation, still, this list is going to be expanded.



















Mystique operates on top of TzIndex by Alexander Eichhorn (, who has done a great job building a blazing fast Tezos indexer and flexible query engine, kudos to him!
Many thanks to Blindripper ( for mainnet-staging archive snapshot, it saved us almost a day!
Finally, we want to thank all bakers who share the tzscan endpoints they use, it allowed us to prioritize the work.

When OS?

Mystique is a forced and temporary solution, we do not want it to be used in production for a long time.
In fact, this is an unnecessary layer between payment scripts and TzStats API, which is written in a short time and will not have long-term support.

What should I use instead?

There are multiple options for you:

I have found a bug

Please, contact us: